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Established in 1997, Tec-com USA is a leading South Florida based IT technology services firm headquartered in Doral, FL. We provide the right strategies, solutions, and services, for our clients, working with organizations in the US and beyond. We work with small, medium and enterprise-sized companies.  We offer IT Support plans that are tailored to almost every industry and every size.

We pride ourselves in our ability to work alongside our partners to deliver a full range of solutions tailor made to suite your needs no matter the circumstance. We are a one stop IT shop delivering complete turn key solutions including but not limited to IT network architecture and implementation, Server configuration, PBX phone system solutions, Video security installations and all types of cabling be it data, voice or video. That’s what Tec-com USA is all about. we bring a full range of solutions to your business so that you can focus on your business not the technology



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19 Tips to Make Your IVR System Less Annoying

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is usually the first line of communication for a customer when calling any company. There are tons of articles and guides on setting up your PBX IVR in the most optimal way possible. However, customers still tend to find menus and recorded messages when calling a…

Why the Telco Transition to VoIP is a Big Deal

Wireline and wireless carriers are in the midst of a transition that is at least as profound as effects combining the retirement of cord-board operators, the adoption of SS7, and the telecom transition from analog to digital. While the implications are large for the internal telco infrastructure, they are even…

ARIN Finally Runs Out of IPv4 Addresses

It is often said, “the Internet is running out of phone numbers,” as a way to express that the Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses, to those who are unfamiliar with Internet technologies. IPv4 addresses, like phone numbers are assigned hierarchically, and thus, have inherent inefficiency. The world’s Internet…

Newest Security Reports Show Changing Threats

Veracode State of Software Security Report – March 2010 Veracode has published the most recent security report that was released during the RSA conference focused on the state of application software. Veracode provides application source code review using a SaaS model to help their clients avoid security vulnerabilities. This report…

Sophos Next Gen Firewalls

Unified Policy Management With the new XG Firewall, we took the opportunity to completely re-think the way policies are organized and managed. Instead of having you hunt around the management console looking for the right policies, we collected all the policy management into a single unified screen. You can now…

Why You Should Trust Your VoIP Connectivity to Patton SmartNode Gateways, Routers, and Session Border Controllers

Patton Electronics provides network access and connectivity products such as gateways, routers, and session border controllers that support just about every telephony interface so that you can take advantage of VoIP in a variety of ways that suit your needs or existing infrastructure. Patton SmartNode Gateways Patton SmartNode gateways and…

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  • WTB Capital Investments, LLC.